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Ashland Parks & Recreation Commission
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Volunteer at the Ashland Senior Center

Telesensory Magnifier at the Ashland Senior Center Volunteers are always welcome! Many people are needed to make the programs with the Ashland Senior Services Division a success, and volunteers make a significant contribution to the well being of the residents we serve.

Volunteer opportunities can include delivering Meals on Wheels or serving lunch at the Senior Center, sharing your talents by leading a class, or offering musical entertainment, donating books for the lending library, or occasional office help when needed.

Sharing your time and talents with others can be a most rewarding experience, and it is truly appreciated. If you would like to consider volunteering, please apply online (your web browser will open in a new window so that you can complete the Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission volunteer form). You can also download the application (PDF format) and deliver Recreation Division office at The Grove, 1195 E Main St in Ashland.